FoodiO Coffee

Love our coffee? Enjoy the taste of Foodie Premium Coffee at home! Roasted with foodies in mind, all FoodiO coffees are customized and roasted to our standards. That means, we make great efforts to source organic, Fairtrade beans, which are then roasted at the beginning of each week and ground to order.

Try a classic, like our Premium Dark, Premium Dark Decaf, or Organic Espresso Blend! Feeling adventurous?  Give Highlander (House Blend) or our Coffee of the Month a try!

Coffee of the Month: Organic Mexican

Cup Characteristics & Additional Info.: Hailing from the Mexican state of Chiapas, this month's coffee is noted as having a medium body, light to medium acidity with a hint of dark chocolate that is sweet and balanced . Chiapas is known as the world's leading exporter of organic coffee. The farmers there utilize a mixed farming system traditionally used by indigenous communities. Unfortunately, most people in the area are extremely poor. However, the farmers note the Fair Trade certification and market access has had a positive impact, allowing families to invest in better farming practices, training, and workshops, which helps increase production and efficiency.

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