Welcome to FoodiO!

In 2015, I (JaemiO) set out to create a place for food lovers and food explorers alike. A place where folks could come learn about food without feeling judged or unwelcome. A place for both fooducation (food-themed education) and foodertainment (food-themed entertainment). So I started a farmers’ market.

FoodiO (formerly Sunnyside Farmers’ Market) is the culmination of FoodiO Farmers’ Market, FoodiO Farm, and FoodiO.org.

Each portion of FoodiO aims to empower people through food to create sustainable communities. We do this by providing access to fresh affordable food and the knowledge concerning it.

In short, FoodiO is my way of giving back to the community that has given so much to me. I hope you find this website useful and become an active member of the FoodiO community.